New cars for sale

Here at Volkswagen Highlands, we offer our buyers a wide variety of vehicle options. Whether you're looking for a Touran to take your children to school, a heavy-duty Amarok or Touareg in which to explore the great outdoors, or a simple car for everyday use like the Polo or Golf, we have a vehicle for you.

New Volkswagens come with a 3-year/120 000km manufacturer warranty, offering its drivers added peace of mind. Contact Volkswagen Highlands for a new vehicle and get exactly what you want. You can test drive several different makes and models until you find the one that suits you best. The dealer may be able to order a vehicle outfitted to your specification directly from the factory. Buying a new Volkswagen also gives you access to the latest safety and comfort features.

With the benefit of Volkswagen’s AutoMotion Maintenance Plan (available on most models) the cost of routine maintenance is taken care of.